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Dr. Candice Knoechel

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Dr. Olga Konwisorz

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Dr. Jennifer Corrales

Dr. Willem Schoombee

Dr. Una Barry

Dr. Brad Unryn

Dr. Michelle Klassen

Dr. Jesse Gabel

Dr. Richard V Cote

Dr. Helen Davis-Herdman

Dr. Anna Tomanek

Whats Happening

The Government of Alberta proposed changes to health care funding, specifically impacting family doctors. This is going to have major effects on the people of Cochrane and how they will access health care and health resources.

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More Information

National Post - Alberta's Changes to Doctors Billing During Pandemic are Unethical

Six Myths UCP Keeps Spreading About Doctors

COVID-19 Pandemic

Despite all the stress and uncertainty, changing regulations and climbing case numbers of COVID-19 infections, clinics are still open and your doctors are caring for patients regularly. Ensure you are keeping yourself COVID-19 free AND healthy. Follow guidelines set for by Alberta Health and our Chief Medical Officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw. You can do virtual visits with your family doctor! We are here to help and support you during this confusing time. If you are feeling unwell, having non-Covid related health issues, need ongoing care for a chronic health condition, or aren't sure what you need - PLEASE call your regular family doctor clinic and they can arrange a virtual appointment for you. If you need to be seen in person - clinics are working to accommodate this while optimizing the health and safety of everyone. We want to help you stay OUT of hospitals and safe at home, so let's stay in touch.

Your doctors are here to support you and your health.

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Goals of Care: Don't want to go to hospital even if you were to become seriously ill? Want to be taken to hospital but don't want to be on life support? Don't know what this is about at all but feel like this is a discussion you should probably have with your own doctor? You are correct! If you are over the age of 65, or have a chronic health condition, consider booking a virtual appointment with your physician to discuss this important issue to make sure that your needs can be met even if you become seriously ill.

What you can do

Tell Tyler Shandro, the Health Minister, to stop destroying our healthcare at

Tell Peter Guthrie, our MLA, we expect for him to fight for us in government


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